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WILLEMSTAD - In this book, I explain the current global crisis, and how we should reconstruct society in response to it, and why. I do not have all the answers, but simply want to contribute to the discussion about solving the crisis and transforming society.

I start by explaining the crisis we are facing. This involves exploring what the signals are and showing that climate change is probably the key signal that manifests itself in other signals. This is followed by explaining that the neoliberal market is the cause of this crisis. The neoliberal ideology has eroded all values and undermined social cohesion. We then move on to the exploration of the phenomena of the market versus society and government, focusing on how the neoliberal ideology (market rationale) infiltrated all the Three Domains (government, civil society, and private sector).

This is supported by an analysis of the corporation as the main actor in the neoliberal world. The analysis demonstrates that the corporation if it were human, would be qualified as a psychopath, which poses the question as to whether it can be cured. The discussion then moves on to consider how neoliberalism, in the form of corporations and their lobbyists, is threatening democracy; and how this creates opportunities for populists and other less democratic structures. These are global phenomena, not limited to any one part of the world. The question that arises is whether these divides are useful in this one world. Will smart cities resolve our problems? How will the younger and older generations collaborate to improve the world? Of what relevance will religion be in the future? What is the new society 5.0? Is it the world of purposeful organizations? And how will we get there? Will the corporation be able to adapt to the changed circumstances?

The book was presented on 20.02.2020 during the conference 2020. During 2020 we looked back at the past 20 years. It offers an explanation of the current crisis although the corona crisis was not yet a global issue at the time of publishing. The ebook was very well received.

Currently, we are working on a Vision for 2030 via the website www.curacao2030.net.