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Willemstad - Tumando nota di Notisia Internashonal miembronan di Parlamento ta haña mas informashon, ku lokual Gobièrno ta konta nos den Parlamento, di lokual realmente ta tumando luga ku e dil sera pura pura ku Guandong Zengrong na Novèmber 2016.

- Mester di PDVSA pa krudo, ta pensa di move e refeneria bai Bullenbaai.

China suitor tightens grip on Curacao oil project


-The deal would transform Guangdong Zhenrong from a commodity trader into a full-fledged oil and gas company, boosted by an alliance with BP and its global marketing expertise.

-The Chinese firm will have until June to sign a new 40-year lease starting 2020 to operate the Isla refinery, although it is keen to work with PDVSA to secure crude oil for the refinery and market the fuel.

-"We are looking for a long-term partnership with PDVSA, in crude oil supply, fuel marketing as well as plant management," Chen Bingyan, the firm's director and chief negotiator for the venture, told Reuters.
-Longer term, Chen said Guangdong Zhenrong could consider relocating the plant from its urban location near the capital Willemstad to Bullenbay, with the Curacao government possibly becoming a minority partner.